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President president@picebahrain.org
1St VP vp1@picebahrain.org
2nd VP vp2@picebahrain.org
Secretary secretary@picebahrain.org
Treasurer treasurer@picebahrain.org
Auditor auditor@picebahrain.org
Bus. Manager bus_manager@picebahrain.org
Standing Committee
Continuing Professional Advancement cocpa@picebahrain.org
Membership come@picebahrain.org
Professional Affairs copa@picebahrain.org
Public Information copi@picebahrain.org
Social, Cultural &Sports Dev coscsd@picebahrain.org
Ways and Means cowm@picebahrain.org
Special Committee (Groupmail)
5th ITC 5ITC@picebahrain.org
SPLBE-CE splbe@picebahrain.org
Awards, Honors and Recognition awards@picebahrain.org
Com on Election elect@picebahrain.org
Com on Ethics ethics@picebahrain.org

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Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers Inc - Bahrain Chapter
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